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Big Okii

Lydia and Antonio mourned Yuca for months. She had been a tiny, sweet-tempered poodle, with oddly golden eyes. Now they wanted a dog, but they found it hard to make up their minds, because they couldn't stop remembering the way Yuca used to look at them, and they missed her so much... Then, one day, in a shelter, Lydia and Antonio stopped at a cage full of big dogs. They were crowded against the bars, jumping, wanting to be seen. In the second row there was a little long-legged colt trying to get to the front. Everytime he got his head in, a huge white dog pushed him back to his place. But the colt didn't give up, he went on nosing ahead. Lydia saw he had oddly green eyes. The shelter manager said he was a Weimaraner. A hunting dog.

They spent some days discussing it, thinking it over. It would be quite a change. The little colt was a young, boisterous male. He would be needing lots of attention and exercise. And to travel with him would be a mouthful, as he weighed 23 kilos, plus the XXL size carrier... But they said yes and took him home. They called him Okii, “big” in Japanese. 

Okii had his stomach upset for a month, until his family found the best food for him. As he used to curl up in Yuca's diminutive bed, Lydia tailored a new one for him. Well, a couple of beds, to be accurate. He spent the whole day laying quietly till it was walking time (running time, really). Then he went crazy and charged into whoever happened to be in his way to the door. He ran, frenzied, climbing uphill and skiing downhill, without losing his breath. 

One day, trekking with the family, he turned up, extremely pleased with himself, bringing a rabbit in his mouth. A gift. Lydia and Antonio are vegetarians and they were distressed. Okii looked at them sorrowfully, and from that day on he never brought them animals again. He brings avocados, pears... Once, at a barbecue, he brought a chunk of cheese (belonging to the neighbours, who were not amused).


Okii, a Weimaraner


When the baby was born, the dog learnt to be her mount, allowed her to dress him up and bejewel him, became a hat model and shared toys and food. In three years of this life of love and luxury, Big Okii has gained, among other things, seven kilos, a precious metallic shine in his skin, a human sister that laughs helplessly with him and the definitive look of happiness. Who could ask for more? 

What are you waiting for? Go to the shelter and choose a pet! 



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+1 # Reina del Mango 2013-05-03 19:19
¡Eso, eso! ¿A qué esperan?
(plas, plas, plas :cry: )
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0 # Mariache 2013-05-06 11:50
Yo espero que Pinito aprenda a cazarme aguacates. Pero es sólo eso, una esperanza, Reina. Y si consigo en algún momento vivir en una casa menos chica, espero tener un podenco. O dos.
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I was raised in a seriously dog-loving family. The best thing in my first (and last) communion was not the meringue cake nor the white dress, but the fact that, while we were in the church, Poppy, my uncle’s bitch, gave birth to twelve puppies. The other girls got Snow White costumes, tutus, rollerskates. I got a Doberman. 

Now I’m a grown up and I still look shamelessly at every dog I meet. They look at me too, they sniff at me, we like each other, and there is not a single day in which I don’t want to bring another dog home. Or maybe two. And of course, if there’s room for two surely we could house six. 

What I’m going to do here is just tell stories about dogs. Dogs of mine, someone else’s dogs, borrowed dogs, known dogs, mysterious ones… An assortment of dogs.

* María Hernández Martí

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